It's been said that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. By that standard, I have found what I believe could be a wild beaver zombie.

Watch this video and see if you agree we have potential beaver zombie material. According to the video description, this varmint was spotted near Saskatchewan, Canada.

The person who shared the video was impressed about this beaver's mannerisms.

I was lucky enough to film this beaver taking a few steps while walking upright in the river. Walks a bit like a zombie; or perhaps like someone wanting a hug. It was very cute.

Zombie beavers really are a thing. About 6 years ago, there was a movie about them called "Zombeavers". Seriously. Be warned that it was a little racy though.

Is this beaver really a zombie? Sadly, probably not. But, it is still one of those nature moments that makes you wonder "what if".

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