We might be way down in Wyoming but we can hear Canada working on it.

Those Canadians are getting their winter wind and white weather machine ready for the snow and icy muck season.

We've had a few short tests come our way. Just a little snow cap in the high country and a stout breeze here and there.

So when does the first big winter storm hit? It's kinda late this year. Maybe they are just trying to keep us on our toes or something.

We could tell you but what would be the fun of that EH? said James Logan, keeper of the Canadian winter weather machine.

Each year the Canadian province of British Columbia loads the machine with cold ice water from high up northern pacific waters and prepare it to slam us with several months of endless winds and snow.

So why do they do it? I mean, it just seams mean, doesn't it?

In the summer they come down here and clog our vending machines with their quarters then in the winter, they SLAP us with all this harsh weather.

What did we ever do to them?

Well, Canada doesn't have much for an army, so we do this crapola instead." explained Mr. Logan. "SORRY!

We all thought those Canadians were so polite, saying sorry all the time. But what a bunch of sneaky little jerks they are.

Basically you can tell how mad we are at you Yanks by what kind of winter you have. The past couple of years we've been really miffed.

So that makes us want to ask the question, just how mad at us are they this year?

You'll just have to wait n' see - EH?

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