Due to a bunch of low-life SLOBS and people who don't care about their community and state - the Bureau of Land Management Casper Field Office temporarily closed the Sand Hills area, due to TRASH that has been illegally dumped.

On Thursday and Friday people from the field office went out to clean up after these low life pigs.

I'm trying to give the impression that these jerks are the worst kind of people. How am I doing?

Here's a picture of what I think people like this look like. Though maybe he needs a mullet, and an empty pizza box and some beers tossed about.

tracy king
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The mess is so bad that more closure days are possible next week to deal with all that is spread around out there.

If you're willing to just dump stuff out there like that then I bet you don't even own a vacuum. When's the last time you did the dishes? Do you choose which shirt your going to wear today by smelling it first and picking the one that reeks the least?


OH I'm sure these people live lives as trashy as the trash they are dumping. What's the problem? Is paying a few bucks to have it dumped legally to much for you? There are ways to deal with that problem. You don't have to junk up the landscape.

ullstein bild via Getty Images

Honestly I think the best punishment for people like this is to make these people clean it up by hand. Or perhaps drive all this junk back to their yard and dup it. Maybe right in their living room. Well, then again their house is probably so trashed nobody would notice.

If it sounds like I'm not giving any respect it's precisely because they have shown none- zero- nada. So, they don't get any.

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