A true next level - Hold My Beer - S T U P I D !

One of the most dangerous things in Yellowstone National Park is a mama bear with cubs.

She'll defend those little babies with everything she's got.

So, if you see a mama with cubs, give her as much distance as you can.


Worse yet


I'm not sure what this was all about.

Were they just wanting a photo with the bears?

Did the bear owe them money?

One guy had some paper in his hand. I imagine him yelling - "PARDON ME - WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU ABOUT YOUR EXTENDED WARRANTY!"

Let's have a look at what could have gone wrong.

The guy in the video below was lucky.

Mama Bear let him off with a warning.

It's bad enough when a stupid adult gets too close.

Let's not bring the kids into your idiotic behavior.

I still think that maybe having graphic billiards showing what animals can, and will, do should be all around the entrance to Yellowstone.

Maybe if we hire actors to play the part of someone who has just been mauled.

Arriving tourists can watch them being loaded, bloody sheets and all, into ambulances.

Just don't tell the tourist that it's fake.

Better if they don't know.

Once again I'll offer this important video by Hank Patterson on Surviving Yellowstone.

What if we put up a billboard that showed the body count in the park?

I like that idea.

It can have numbers that tick away as wide-eyed tourists drive through the gate.

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