Among the four places in Wyoming with available data and populations of at least 25,000, Laramie ranks as the poorest.

The typical Laramie household earns $47,463 a year, compared to the statewide median household income of $65,304. (Center Square).

Wow, that reporter DID NOT do any homework.

As with most lame "studies" these days somebody looked up a few data points and called it good.

First, making the least amount of money does not make a person "POOR." These folks might want to look up what the word "POOR" actually means.

They do not account for the fact that many of the citizens of Laramie are college students who, typically, don't make a lot of money while they are in college. But a lot of them do get finical help from their families, so they are not poor.

Townsquare Media Cheyenne
Townsquare Media Cheyenne

They don't really consider how much it costs to live in Laramie compared to how much people make. There are plenty of places around the nation where folks earn a 6 figure income, but the cost of living is so high they can't keep up with their bills.

These numbers are also straight money numbers. Many people earn a lower amount of money but more than make up for it with perks, trade, and bargaining.

Retired people don't have any income. But they have plenty of money.

It's obvious that the person doing this "STUDY" never traveled to and spent any time in Laramie. They have never even talked to anyone from Laramie. They could have at least called someone from the city or maybe a local news service to learn a little something about the town.

The point of all of this is that, once again, online "STUDIES" miss the mark and should never be trusted.

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