I'll just come out and say it, If my phone dropped down into a Yellowstone park CRAPPER, I'd call it a loss and go get a new phone.

This week the following post appeared on the Facebook page, "Yellowstone, Invasion of the idiots."

It looks like somebody got undressed and went down there after a lost phone.

You might think, maybe there was not much - um - CRAP and stuff down there. I DON'T CARE! There's enough on the walls of the tank that I'm still not going in.

You can see his clothes hanging on the door. He went in NAKED. Is that smarter or dumber?

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Apparently, this is not the only time something like this has happened. One of the comments tells us that there have been other such events in parks across America.

REALLY PEOPLE - come on you are not making Americans look good.

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Actually, I seemed to remember that story so I went looking for it.

BRINNON, Calif. (KION-TV)-- The Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue helped a woman in her 40s who fell into a vault toilet after dropping her cell phone inside it.

There are many lessons we can learn from this.

One of them might be, don't play with your phone while on the crapper.

There is a scene from the classic TV show M.A.S.H. where Corporal Radar O'Reilly is having trouble seeing and is asked where his glasses are.

"I dropped them in the latrine sir, and I don't really want them back."

Even if this guy does get his phone back he would have to clean it. Not even sure if I'd want to do that.

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