I know this is a great Christmas song because every year I'm asked to play it on the air over and over again. I'm a talk host, not a DJ, yet they still want to hear this song on my show.

Stuck In The Smoke Hole Of My Teepee is an irreverent song of how Santa tried to deliver toys to some American Indians on Christmas, and how it did not go well for him.

The family in the teepee see that Santa has become stuck and they begin to take advantage, stripping him of EVERYTHING. I do mean EVERYTHING!

If you are faint of heart you do not want to hear this song. What happens to Santa, his sleigh, and the reindeer is -- wrong -- sad -- but funny if you have that sort of a sense of humor.

You can hear this song in the video link, above.

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Before you start writing E-mails, complaining, remember that I warned you in advance. You know what is coming, so it is up to you.

But if you like it please share it with other people like us who have a demented sense of humor.

I have been asked where this song comes from and who sings it. “Stuck In The Smoke Hole Of Our Tipi,” an original song by Shoshonee Elder Oldhands.

Things have not been easy for Santa. It's a hard world out there. I'm surprised he was not shot down many years ago over the old Soviet Union. I'm sure he skips China because they have fired missiles as he passed over.

Toys certainly have changed a lot. In many ways they are better than ever before. But, lets face it, those old classics held a special place in our hearts.

Old folks today look at new toys and ask, what the heck is that? What do you do with it? But that's okay because when kids today get to see toys of long ago they ask the same questions.

Lets take a step back and look as some old classics that some of us older folks had.

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