There is a lot to be excited about at this year's Wyoming Women's Expo!

Friday, September 20th is Professional Development Day at the Wyoming Women's Expo, and part of this day's wonderful activities is Keynote Speaker Marilyn Kite. Marilyn Kite became the first woman to be appointed to Wyoming’s highest court as a Supreme Court Justice, and later as Wyoming’s first female Chief Justice.

You can hear more about her experiences in law school as well as Washington DC in this interview from

In addition to her time spent in government and her law career, Kite is an avid horsewoman and hunter.

Along with her sister in law, Kite created the first of it's kind, all women Antelope hunt.

The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt was founded by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation as an opportunity to develop women hunters by offering scholarships and hunter education to women who otherwise may not receive the opportunity to enjoy this sport.

Here is a look at Marilyn Kite hunting with one of the women in this program.

I'm really looking forward to hearing what Marilyn Kite has to say at this event.

She seems incredibly intelligent and has a perspective about Wyoming that I can appreciate.

I am positive that she will make some great connections between her experiences as a Wyoming woman and this year's Expo theme of "Celebrating Women's Sufferage: Women Leading the Way"

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