Television host Mike Rowe is coming to Wyoming.

It's about time.

He will step out to speak at the Ford Wyoming Center in Casper, on Thursday, October 26 at 7 p.m. You can purchase tickets at this link.

He joined me on Wake Up Wyoming to talk about his visit and relay a message that he thinks all of America needs to hear.

You can hear my interview with Mike Rowe down at the end of this article. 

We know him for his hit television shows Dirty Jobs and How America Works.

Mike Rowe has spent years shining a spotlight on those workers who do the toughest, and most disgusting jobs in America.

He even rolled up his sleeves and jumped to try and do the job himself.

These are the people who keep America moving.

They are unsung heroes.

Through this, Mike learned an important lesson about education and the American work ethic.

We have a problem.

Today, many people enjoy the benefits of our easy lifestyle, but they have no idea where things come from and they have no desire to do that dirty work themselves.

We've made work the enemy.
America has become slowly but undeniably disconnected from the most fundamental elements of civilization—food, energy, education, and the very nature of work itself.

Over the last 30 years, America has convinced itself that the best path for the most people is an expensive, four-year degree. Pop culture has glorified the “corner office job” while unintentionally belittling the jobs that helped build the corner office. As a result, our society has devalued any other path to success and happiness. Community colleges, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs are labeled as “alternative.” Millions of well-intended parents and guidance counselors see apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities as “vocational consolation prizes,” best suited for those not cut out for the brass ring: a four-year degree. The push for higher education has coincided with the removal of vocational arts from high schools nationwide. And the effects of this one-two punch have laid the foundation for a widening skills gap and massive student loan debt. (Mike Rowe).

This is why Mike Rowe started his Mike Rowe Works Foundation.

Each year millions in scholarships are handed out.

We’re on a mission to help close the skills gap by challenging the stigmas and stereotypes that discourage people from pursuing the millions of available jobs. We’re redefining the definition of a good education and a good job, because we don’t think a four-year degree is the best path for the most people. We want people to understand the impact of skilled labor on their lives, and we’re convinced that the solution has to start with a new appreciation for hard work. (Mike Rowe).

Against his better judgment, Mike still posts regularly on Facebook, where over 6 million people claim to be his friends. This year, he’s vowed to take YouTube more seriously and promised to do better on Instagram as well. He knows he should be on TikTok but remains hesitant, thanks to the clear and present nosiness of the Chinese government.

Prior to Dirty Jobs, Mike freelanced in the entertainment business for nearly 20 years. His career began when he crashed an audition for the Baltimore Opera Company, where he wound up singing for seven seasons and then, very nearly ended when he was fired from the QVC Cable Shopping Channel, for reasons he now admits were “entirely justifiable.”


He lives today in Northern California, which he hopes you won’t hold against him. Although, those of us in Wyoming kind of DO!

Listen to Mike and Glenn discuss The Mike Rowe Foundation and his upcoming Wyoming visit here:

WUW Mike Rowe Interview Pt. 1 by Bill Schwamle

WUW Mike Rowe Interview Pt. 2 by Bill Schwamle

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