Just when you thought you could not like Mike Rowe anymore than we already do, here he is making snow angels with a Casper, Wyoming resident after his appearance at the Ford Wyoming Center.

After he spoke for over an hour, keeping the attention of the audience the entire time, he made sure to go out and speak with people both inside and outside.

That's saying a lot because- damn, it was cold outside.

16°F by the end of the show.

But, so what?

attachment-Tammy Lynne Mike Rowe 1

Mike wanted to talk to people and they wanted to talk to him.

So what exactly happened to get Mike to take pictures with Tammi?

I asked Tammi if I could show these pictures and she said:

Yes!!!! And Mary is sending me some pic he took of us on his phone but it was late so I have no clue what he took LOL.

Yeah, Mike knows how to enjoy life and he pulls everyone around him into this joy.

attachment-Tammy Lynne Mike Rowe 3

These are pictures that Tammi will be sharing with her friends for years to come.

We all know she went to work on Friday still laughing about this and showing everyone by holding her phone up in front of their faces.

Can't blame her.

We all would be doing the same.

So what pictures do you think Mike has on his phone?

attachment-Tammy Lynne Mike Rowe 4

Below is a photo of Tammi and Mike acting like normal people.

Notice the red cheeks they both have from the frigid weather.

I asked Tammi how it was that the two of them ended up doing snow angels together.

We gave him a ride home after dinner and I told him I need my traditional selfie, and he said absolutely, and took some with his phone and I took some with mine and then he said let's make a snow angel.. I said are you serious Lol and took my hand. I thought he was joking, and we jumped in the snow.

I bet you thought he was ridding around in a Limo.

attachment-Tammy Lynne Mike Rowe 5

We had a great time Mike.

Hope you come back soon

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