The popular news website DRUDGE REPORT, hosted by Matt Drudge, put Wyoming's Liz Cheney's picture, big and bold, at the top of the page this Tuesday. It is primary election day in Wyoming.

Click on the story and it leads to the Roll Call website where they have featured a story about Wyoming and her chances of winning and keeping her seat in Wyoming.

Liz Cheney has constantly been the most conservative member of the U.S. House.

So it came as a sock to Wyomingites when she voted to impeach President Trump and then took a leading role on the January 6th committee.

Conservative sites like Allahpundit and Hot Air Blog are also watching closely.

attachment-Cheney Hot Air Blog

From The Roll Call Website:

In a video Rep. Liz Cheney’s campaign touted as her closing argument ahead of Tuesday’s primary against a challenger backed by former President Donald Trump, the Wyoming Republican looks directly at the camera and says, “I want to talk to citizens across our great state and all across our country.”

The message is clear: With recent polls showing attorney Harriet Hageman winning by double digits in a state that awarded Trump his biggest margin of victory in 2020, Cheney is not just talking to primary voters in Wyoming. She’s not just talking about whether she wins or loses the nomination for a fourth term. She is making an appeal for the future of American democracy. (Roll Call).

So why such national attention like Drudge Report?

Below is the headline from Fox News.

attachment-Cheney Fox News

Cheney’s race is by far the highest profile race of the members of the GOP who voted to impeach trump.

Several other Republicans who voted for impeachment have already lost in their primary races.

News headlines like the one below scream with predictions.

attachment-Breitbart News Cheney

Even though she is the only representative from Wyoming in the house, she has also been one of the most high-profile members of Congress.

Many are watching to see how much pull former President Trump still has across the nation. Does he have enough to run for president again?

The Results will be in late tonight or Wednesday morning.

The nation is watching this one.

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