If you're a Wyoming man, you already smell like these things. So why buy this soap? Because no man that smells like Gunpowder, Campfire, and Whiskey wants to smell like SOAP! Modern soaps are packed with weird perfumes and that is just embarassing.

ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURE: To live dangerously, to live like a cowboy! If you'd rather live in your McMansion, listening to Kenny G on your Amazon Echo in the bathtub, while lathering your skin with essential oils, you may need this manly soap substitute. It'll make you smell like a cowboy, without having to experience all of the life-threatening danger of the outdoors. 

Hmm. Yeah I thinking they are targeting this product toward the city man who wants to smell like a real man but does not want to do any of the work to get there.

Sorry but as far as I'm concerned these smells are earned, not faked. 

The only reason I can find for any true manly man to buy this stuff is because he does not like the idea of soaps that smell all sweet and perfumy. His friends would make fun of him. No, he wants to smell like he has been places and done things.

This reminds me of giving my dog a bath in some nice smelling soaps, which the dog hates, only to have him run outside and roll in dirt and poop so he can get his old smell back. I always wondered why my dog did that. Now I know.

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