Northeast Wyoming has been about the driest part of the state this year. Everything is crunchy dry and the slightest little spark will start yet another fire

So far the little fires popping up all over the place have been nonstop, according to local fire warden Doug Leis. He spoke with the Sundance Times about the seemly endless fires that have been keeping them busy.

You might think that rain would be the answer. But in the summer rain comes with lighting and a storm can start numerous fires as it passes through.

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If you look at the Wyoming fire map, top left corner, you'll see what firefighters are dealing with at the moment. You'll also notice that south of Crook County is not doing much better.

So far things have been busy, but manageable. If it continues dry in that part of the state they could be in for a bad fire season. Those fires could easily push from the grasslands and into the black hills where the bulk of the trees are.

According to the Sundance Times one of the largest first, so far, was the Hauber CA Fire south of Devil's Down. That one started shortly after noon on July 3rd.

A red flag warning has been issued for southern Campbell County while the number of fires burning the local countryside has climbed to more than two dozen in the last five days, according to the online news source County 17. The warning encompasses the Town of Wright and remains in effect.

The last time I was up that way, a few weeks ago, I spoke with a landowner, rancher, and state Senator Ogden Driskill. His family owns a large ranch around Devil's town as well as the Devil's Tower KOA campground. He talking about selling a good percentage of his cattle as early as he could to cut his losses going into what he knew would be a dry season full of fires. At that time he had already decided to cancel the local 4th of July fireworks.

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