A guy named Steve called the Wake Up Wyoming morning talk show with something HYSTERICAL that he saw while driving in Colorado.

He said that he saw an Electric Vehicle (EV) towing a trailer, with a generator on the trailer.

Steve thought that this was a great solution for EV drivers in Wyoming.

Since we don't have many EV charging stations in this state, then maybe EV owners should just tow their charging units behind them.

I suggested that, maybe, they keep the generator running the entire time they are driving, thus charging the car on the go, so they don't have to stop to charge up.


Have you ever noticed how most car dealerships are all together on the same side of town?

I'm thinking of opening a small lot right across the street from those dealers that sell Electric Vehicles.

I'll sell trailers, with generators, and I'll even install a free trailer hitch with each purchase if needed.

I would only have to open a small lot with a few units to sell since EV sales across the nation are not going that well.

Then I find out this has already been invented.

Here is the link to a company that is selling GENERATOR TRAILERS FOR ELECTRIC CARS!


These trailers actually match the style of your car for a sleek look.

OKAY, so I get the trailers from this company.

But why just sell them?

Maybe I can open up rental lots at Wyoming border entrances.

Want to see Wyoming in your EV but suffer from range anxiety?

Rent your trailer and generator here!

You can drop it off at one of our other locations if you are planning to leave the state in a different direction.

For those EV drivers who hate that they are actually driving coal-powered cars, (since all EV charging stations in Wyoming are powered by coal power plants) they will feel much better having a diesel or gas generator behind them as they tour the state.

Where some people see a problem, I see an opportunity.

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