She goes by Geologist_Rabling on TikTok.

In her latest video she explains why Yellowstone will not be erupting anytime soon.

I know, disappointed aren't you?

Her video is below.

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You might often hear that we are overdue for an eruption. But actually, eruptions are not something that happen on a time schedule. Even if we did use the average time as a way of predicting we are still about 100,000 years away from the next eruption.

The short answer has to do with how the magma under Yellowstone is dispersed and how much there has to be in order for there to be an event.

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We also have to take into account how the North American place moves over the magma that is under. Everything has to line up right and there has to be enough magma and pressure to cause an event.

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Right now there are two magma chambers under Yellowstone. But they only contain 5 to 15% of molten material. Also, there is not enough in one spot and not enough pressure to cause an eruption.

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That's doesn't mean that the big chamber doesn't give us plenty to watch.

Researchers in Northern Wyoming are constantly finding new or even just undiscovered hot springs and other geological marvels.


Earthquake swarms and heaving and twisting of the ground are common things. Though most of these events are not even noticed by humans and can only be picked up by scientific equipment.

Basically, this means all those TV shows that try to scare you into thinking that we could have an eruption any time now either don't know what they are talking about or are full of...

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