I believe there is an item at the store that isn’t getting the credit it deserves. It’s that divider bar you see in the checkout lane at most stores and I want you to know it’s your friend.

Before I begin with my minor rant, I will admit that this is a petty issue. But, it’s also something that tends to drive me crazy for some unknown reason, so I’ll get it off my chest. Here goes...

The divider bar is a useful tool you can put down after all the groceries are out of your cart. It separates things. 

Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday

Here’s another benefit to using the divider bar. After you put it down, it allows the person behind you to start emptying their cart onto the conveyer belt thing to save them time so they can go back to refereeing their kid’s squabbles (if they have kids).

I asked about your friend and mine, the divider bar, on Facebook and the responses were hilarious and sometimes insightful.

Here are some of my favorite responses from your comments:

Michelle - “I usually put the bar in front of my groceries AND behind my groceries. That’s unless the person in front of me does it. Then I thank them.”

Michelle, you are truly an overachiever and you have my admiration.

Samantha - “My groceries, my problem.”

Kudos to you, Samantha, for taking responsibility for your life.

April - “This is such a funny conversation! I just listened to you guys on the radio. I used to be the same as Doc and get irritated when other people didn’t put the divider down (before kids). But then I read an article that said that the person behind you would think it was rude if you put the divider down so I stopped getting irritated and quit putting the divider down. I still do sometimes, because like Doc said, I have kids and a lot of stuff!”

April, I’m giving you 50 bonus points just for kind of agreeing with me (and remembering my name).

The divider bar struggle is real and it is a very complicated issue considering the fact that it’s just a straight piece of rubber. Thank you for your interaction. If you are on the fence, may I suggest that the divider bar is your friend. Really.

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