Sharing a compliment is one of the easiest things you can do to brighten a person's day. In a world of negative energy, just passing along a little positive energy along can really do wonders.

Faces And Voices Of has a list of 7 easy things to brighten someone's day.

  • Sharing a compliment
  • Doing extra stuff around the house
  • Pick up the bill
  • Leave a nice note
  • Say 'Thank You' for the things a person does for you
  • Have a nice conversation
  • Give an unexpected gift


How do you react if you have a meal that really trips your trigger? According to the list above, you could knock nearly every one of those 7 thing off the list. Maybe you have the meal at home or maybe it's your favorite restaurant, either way dropping a great compliment can be a great way to show how much you loved it.

Around the world there are some odd practices to compliment the cook

  • Japan: Slurping your noodles is a great way to compliment the person that made them.
  • China: Not eating everything on your plate shows the food was so good and you ate so much you couldn't eat any more.
  • Egypt: Burping is considered the highest compliment you can pay the food preparer. Also, opposite of China, asking for more is a great compliment.
  • India: Thanking your host at the end of the meal is frowned upon. To compliment the cook on a great meal, return the favor and invite them over for a meal close to the meal they prepared for you.
  • Germany: At least trying everything on your plate and don't cut up your food.
  • Medieval France: The practice of swearing at a chicken at the table was common practice. The assumption was to give good luck, but we'll never really know that answer.

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