A rally for people who are unhappy with Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr has been announced for this coming Saturday (Oct. 26).

Cheyenne resident Lisa Glauner, who helped organize a rally against the impeachment of President Trump last week, announced plans for the anti-Orr rally Monday morning on Facebook.

Glauner gave KGAB radio the following statement: ''The misuse of the Bloomberg money, and bypassing the council on the pothole "emergency", demonstrates the mayor's lack of her understanding of her role."

Glauner says she hopes the rally might encourage the mayor to step down. According to the announcement, the rally is for people who are ''Tired of Mayor Orr and her antics."

It's being billed as a "quiet, peaceful rally" at 2 p.m. Saturday across from the Dell Range Walmart. Glauner says that location was chosen because it is very visible and is a public sidewalk.

Orr was elected the first-ever female mayor of Cheyenne in 2016.

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