The best way to educate those suffering of a simple mind is often humor.

Slapstick humor, like The Three Stooges, is a great example. Old cartoons often used simple humor to reach those in the public who lacked common sense.

Credit must be given to the National Park Service for realizing this and reaching out to those tourists who don't seem to understand why trying to pet a wild animal is bad. A person might even lose their pants over it.

The Park Service just posted the wonderful cookie arrangement of an event where a woman actually had her pants ripped off by a bison when she tried to take a selfie with it.

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Ugh! You might want to put some icing on that leg.
We like selfies. We also like it when your trip to a national park is fun, safe, and that you don’t chip, crumble, or get eaten. But when capturing the perfect shot or selfie, be a smart cookie.
📷 Wildlife may appear calm and docile but can be unpredictable and easily startled. Really? You wore the hat with the giant pom pom? Remember to use a zoom lens on your camera. If you are close enough to take a selfie, you may lose more than your gumdrop buttons.
📷 We get it---national parks have some photogenic scenery, but do not put your life at risk for a picture. Stick to trails and boardwalks. Use caution, watch your step, and keep your eyes on the trail and not on your camera while walking. Oh, snap! That branch came out of nowhere! No it didn't.
📷 If a photo opportunity catches your eye while driving, pull over to a safe location to capture the shot. Distracted driving puts you and others at risk. Remember to look both ways for oncoming traffic before crossing the road. 

Well done National Park Service. Now let's take a look at a quick recipe for those cookies:

- Take one large bison, minding his own business, but in a bad mood (as usual).

- One overly emotional screeching tourist who has never been outside a city.

- Stir the pot.

- Let the bison simmer a bit as she giggles, squeals, and tries to get hugs and selfies.

- Allow the bison to boil over.

- When the bison pops his cork, you will have tossed tourist on the table for dinner.

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