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The Halloween season is finally upon us. We have a short time to celebrate the spooky before Christmas takes over. Check out some of the most amusing Wyoming Halloween items up for grabs.

Wyoming Witch Hat:

If you are planning on dressing up as a "Wyoming Witch", then here is the perfect product for. If not, I have no idea why you would ever need this.


Wyoming Witch Cloak:

I suppose if you are dead set on dressing up as a Wyoming Witch, you had better get the cloak too.


Wyoming Grand Tetons Halloween Hooded Cloak:

Seriously. What are you going to do with this? There is also a winter Yellowstone version available. I am not sure what type of costume would call for a cloak like this. Any ideas?

Kid's Wyoming Halloween Wizard Witch:

It looks like they just slapped a patch on a cheap wizard/witch costume. The kid doesn't even look excited to wear it - probably because his mom bought him a stupid costume.

Golden Jackalope Legendary Funny Sweatshirt:

Not really a costume, but I just like this one. #believe

Wyoming Psych Ward Out Patient:

It looks like you can get a shirt like this for every town in Wyoming. If this is your thing, here you go.

Wyoming Halloween Christmas Ornament:

NOT a costume, but this one came up in my search and completely baffles me. Why would you hang a 'Happy Halloween' ornament on a Christmas tree? To each there own, I guess.

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