It’s another week, and we have a full list of beautiful fur babies that you need to take home ASAP from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Especially Yankee, she really needs to find a home, he’s such a good girl and my wife said no more dogs. So someone needs to come rescue hershe looks like the perfect trail dog, and I’d bet hes she’s a great snuggler. Just my observation.  



Yankee is a sweet girl who just wants to be loved, just like everyone, she has a few quirks and would prefer no small animals in the home. She not only has the looks, but the smarts, tooShe would be a perfect walking partner for someone. 


Taco thinks everyday is the best day! He wants to be your friend, and when he knows you like him, he gets so happy he gets the zoomies! He would be the best cuddler for someone! 



Blaze is a sweet boy with lots of energy! He would do so well for a family that loves the outdoors. He can’t wait to meet his new furever home and his new best friend!  



Luma is a shy guy and just needs an owner to understand him. When he warms up to you, he is the sweetest boy. Luma does have what is called Feline Lukemiameaning, he can be the only cat, or be with other FELV positive cats. Cats with this illness live long healthy lives, they just need regular vet visits. 



Lucie is a sweet kitten looking for someone to understand her. Formally a feral kitten, Lucie will need someone to work with her on her manners. She has made tons of friends here at the shelter, but wants to meet the ultimate friend to take her home. 



Sunny is convinced her golden years will be her best. She loves to bask in the sunshine on her post and has a busy schedule with naps and eating. She can’t wait to spend her days with her new friend. 

You can find out more info on how to adopt these furbabies here.

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REMINDER: Never Leave Dogs In A Hot Car