We are quite proud of our Wyoming wild horses. Our land is one of the few left in America where these animals still thrive. A photographer recently shared a stunning photo of her personal encounter with these gorgeous animals on Reddit.

I found this fascinating post on Wyoming Reddit called "Wild Horses I had No Business Approaching". Reddit user Mariah shared this pic.

Photo courtesy of mariah_fotografia_, Wyoming Reddit

I contacted her and she shared this backstory about how this photo came to be:

This photo was taken in November of 2015 when my mom and I were visiting my grandma in Cheyenne...I had to get out of the house. I borrowed my mom's Ford Fiesta and got lost about 45 minutes outside of the city before finding these guys.

There are so many areas in Wyoming where these horses live wild, but it's still a special moment if you come face-to-snout with them. Travel Wyoming listed the parts of our state where these animals live. As they mention, many are in the southwestern part of our state near Rock Springs. If you want to see them for yourself, they recommend this:

The three easiest places to view wild horses are in the Pryor Mountains, outside of Lovell, in southwest Wyoming near Rock Springs, and the Wild Horse Sanctuary located on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Special thanks to this very talented photographer for allowing us to share her work. Make sure to follow Mariah on Instagram for more of her stellar images. We can never get enough of the wild horses that are so iconic Wyoming still.

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