Wyoming's wild horses are a sight you'll never forget.

But you have to find them to enjoy them.

Here are three places you can spot Wyoming wild horses.

It's good to have your cell phone to capture pictures and videos. But a long lens would be advised if you have one.

These places are remote and often the herds are way out there.

1). Pryor Mountains and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

The Pryor Mountain Herd descended from the horses Cortez used as the Spanish explored the West.

Those Spanish Mustangs have been in the area since the late 1700s. Indigenous tribes found them and brought them farther north.

Visit the Bighorn Canyon area and stop in to see the Pryor Mustang Center in Lowell. They can help you plan a trip to find those wandering herds.

2). Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary is the only public off-range pasture in the United States.

They can help you schedule a guided ATV tour and see these mustangs up close. That's a good idea because finding the herds on your own can be nearly impossible.
3). Pilot Butte Wild Horse Loop

The Pilot Butte Scenic Loop is near Rock Springs.

There is a place where you can book a guided tour.

Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary
Located west of Laramie in the beautiful Centennial Valley of Wyoming
Operated by Rich & Jana Wilson
599 State Hwy 11 Laramie, WY 82070
By Appointment Only.

The wild horses you see in Wyoming are not the original horses from long ago.

By that I mean, prehistoric.

Those prehistoric horses died out.

North America was horse free for a very long time until the Spanish showed up with their breed.

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