A fire in a shop in an industrial area west of Casper was caused by a metal grinder throwing sparks onto a paper.

That's according to the Natrona County Fire District.

According to a NCFD news release, the call came in at roughly 12:20 p.m. The caller reported seeing black smoke coming out of a large cinder-block structure.

The building's occupants made it out safely.

Firefighters on the scene were able to cut through a chain link fence surrounding the building before using a large-diameter firehose to "attack" the fire.

As firefighters were working the blaze, a large 500lb propane tank began venting and causing more fire on the outside of the building. Eventually, the fire reached a camper, several cars and other objects inside the building.

Wind caused embers from the fire to ignite grass near the highway.

Additionally, firefighters learned that the building contained propane tanks, ammo, oils and grease.

There was also large store of fireworks in the building.

Several area agencies assisted with the incident.

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