We can say this much for the internet, when people speak their minds they are brutally honest.

Liz Cheney's campaign posted an ad on her Facebook page touting how conservative she actually is. Everything in the ad is true.

So how do folks in Wyoming react when they see an ad like this?

As you might imagine, most reaction leans one way. But not all.

Let's start by looking at the ad, then we will look at some of the comments left under it.

attachment-Liz Cheney Ad 2

Everyone seems to have passionate feelings about Cheney. There are some outrageous comments made here and you can read them below:

Not everyone hates her.

At the time of these screengrabs, there were 257 comments.

attachment-Liz Cheney Ad Response 1

Note the first response was in support of Liz.

There is a lot of slogan tossing from both sides. Neither side is offering up much in the way of a well-thought-out argument to make their case.

Read down this second list and you'll find another supporter who will vote for her again.

attachment-Liz Cheney Ad Response 2


What I did not see in this string was a whole lot of people arguing with each other.

With passions so high we could expect to see long debates and heated arguments. But not so in this string. People just left their comments and moved on.

Perhaps everything that can be said by both sides had been said, so they just comment and leave it at that.

attachment-Liz Cheney Ad Response 3

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