We all have the right to vote. But as voters, we also have a responsibility to be informed on who and what we are voting for.

Political ads are not a good way to decide who to and who not to vote for.

Nor does that junk mail that has been flooding your mailbox.

Campaign signs in yards don't tell you much either.

One website that will help you make an informed and rational decision is WyVote.vote.

There are several other sites like this on the internet. I just find that website name easy to remember when I want to do a little research.


Scroll down and click on your county. Then you just need to know what precinct you're in.

You'll see the names of each candidate who is running for every office that concerns you.

You'll have to do a little homework from there.

Just because someone says they are from a party you like, and they say all the things you want to hear, does not necessarily mean that they are the right person to represent you.

Here is an example of every STUPID political ad you have ever seen.

Look for the candidate's website and social media. Most of them have that. Then you can contact them and have a little chat.

That's the nice thing about living in Wyoming around election time, you can actually talk to most of the people running for almost any office.

You'll find yourself surprised that there are more people running than you ever heard of.

There might even be a few political offices to vote for that you did not know existed in your area.

Our nation needs good people in office at every level. For that to happen we need informed voters.

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