Inflation is out of control. It's not helping Sports fans either.

So I have a money-saving idea.

Typically sports fans want to see the two best teams compete.

But getting tickets to see the best of the best is expensive!

Good luck finding a hotel, parking, or someplace to eat.

Traffic will be a nightmare, and not just when you're driving. The crush of people and the long lines will be with you no matter where you go.

If you want to be a baseball fan but want to save money, be a Rockies fan.

Let's imagine we get the Rockies, almost the worst team in baseball, to play the worst team in baseball. Believe it or not, another team is just a little worse than the Rockies.

They can compete to see who sucks the most and you can watch.

This is great news for baseball fans who are on a budget.

There would be no traffic to the game.

Parking would be free and plenty of spaces would be available.

Front-row seats would be dirt cheap.

Hotels and restaurants would be open and eager for any customers. Heck, they would be making deals to get you in.

No lines to get in or out of the game.

No lines at the restrooms when you have to pee.

Buying team paraphernalia would be buy one get 10 free.

Players would have to pay YOU for their autograph.

The only thing that would remain high priced is the beer. They are not coming down on that.

Place your bet. But not on the winning team. This is a contest to see who sucks more.

There you go, I just made going to Rockies games fun again, and being a baseball fan, affordable.

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