So much cuteness. A family checked their security cam video and noticed something unusual. First, a bear family was spotted outside of their home. As an added bonus, the video also showed one of the bear cubs trying to catch the snowflakes.

Here's what Ring shared on their YouTube channel:

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy catching snow flakes. These guest were seen walking through a neighbors front yard and one of them decided to stop and enjoy the snow.

The comments on the YouTube share captured all the feels:

That's so adorable. Kids will be kids, no matter what species. They know how to enjoy the moment.

I like how he suddenly does it and then just goes back to his walk like nothing ever happened lol

Bear cubs and snowflakes is not a new thing, but normally you have to see moments like this in a zoo.

Thanks to the plethora of doorbell cameras, we're seeing more and more moments of nature innocence than ever before.

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