An old slice of highway history has been restored in Rawlins, Wyoming.

The original station was built here in the 1020s.

This is not a new upgrade, this restored station has been there for a little while.

But folks not familiar with Rawlins might not know about it.

There are two types of gas pumps located here.

The two in the center are manually operated.

The ones on the sides are electric.

"Back in the day" this station would have been "FULL SERVICE" as all gas stations were back then.

That means the attendant pumped the gas, washed the windshield, checked the oil and filters, and air in the tires, while you waited.

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Plenty of old cars and trucks are off to the side of the old shop.

These vehicles were from the era when this station was open.

The sides of the station might look like a junkyard to some people.

But to the discerning eye, it's history and a trip down memory lane for others.

Old people today will remember this vehicle as the car their parents drove.

Maybe it was their first car, if they are old enough.

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The price of gas might have been just a few cents a gallon, but people earned a lot less money back then, and gars burned a lot more gas per mile than they do now.

If you are old enough you might remember the old DING DING sound when a car pulled into the station.

Rubber cords layout from the station that made an electrical connection when a car pulled in and the tires ran over them.

There is an old gas station in Chugwater Wyoming that is being restored. They just added this bell system. That old double chime will bring back memories.

I found an old video below so you can see how that worked and remember the sound.

You can watch a video of the entire walk around this old station below.

You'll even see an old fire truck in the lot from way back in the town's history.

There is also an old Texaco truck used for hauling gas to stations like this.

Makes a person wonder where they found all this stuff.

It's a museum by the old highway in Rawlins.

The video even takes us inside the service garage where an old car seems to be waiting to be restored.

Then we get a walk around inside the gas station which has been left, stuck in time.

If you are traveling to Rawlins you can find this station at 421 E. Cedar Street.

Here is a link to the old place on Google Maps.

Here is what the Google Car saw as it drove by.


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