MASKS? We don't need no stinking masks.

I've been saying all along, There is no place in Wyoming that is actually under a mask "mandate." Not when District Attorneys refuse to prosecute anyone cited for not wearing one, and local police have refused to hand out tickets.

So then, do you think Wyoming state lawmakers would wear masks when they meet in session? Apparently not. 

Not most of them anyway as WyoFile pointed out in this article, complete with pictures from the floor of the Wyoming House & Senate.

Dr. Alexia Harrist issued health orders Dec. 7 that require Wyoming residents to wear face coverings in indoor public settings. Gordon signed the mask mandate. The order, extended on Jan. 9, applies to state government buildings including the Capitol. (WyoFile).

Personally I'm not surprised. Many of these same lawmakers have openly objected to the idea of a "mandate" and several of them have even signed on as cosponsors of a bill that would change Wyoming's law regarding the authority to issue such a mandate.

As always the Wyoming Highway Patrol was there at the capital. They did not seem interested in issuing any tickets to state legislators.

 “While the Governor directs the WHP inside the Capitol, their primary mission there is security so that the citizens of Wyoming can participate in the affairs of government,” Gordon’s spokesperson Michael Pearlman wrote in an email. (WyoFile).

According to WyoFile, it was mostly the few Democrats on the floor wearing masks and they were critical of the Republicans“It’s disappointing to me that we’ve abdicated those [orders] because they’re too hard to enforce,” Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss said. 

So why doesn't the leadership of the House or Senate push the "mandate?" When asked they said that they chose not to because it would have distracted from an important session during a physical crisis.

I'll say it again - There is no place in Wyoming that is actually under a mask "mandate."

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