When a town does not have much of a population to begin with, they might get a little upset if the U.S. Census gets it wrong.

It's easy to imagine that the count of a big city might be off, but a town with a population of 1,690-ish should be easier to get right.

Well, Saratoga, Wyoming thinks the U.S. Census Bureau got it wrong.

Can't imagine getting the population of KIRBY WYOMING wrong.

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Saratoga City Councilmember Ron Hutchins asked what the official population count for Saratoga was following the most recent census. Nelson replied that Saratoga's official population was 1,599. A recent search of the census website, however, places Saratoga's population at 1,702. (Saratoga Sun).

Wikipedia might be a bit more out of date. It says Saratoga Wyoming "is a town in Carbon County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 1,690 at the 2010 census." That number is a decade old, obviously.

But when I Googled "What is the population of Saratoga, Wyoming?" I got this.

attachment-Screen Shot U.S. Census GOOGLE

Could everybody in Saratoga please gather in front of City Hall so we can get a proper headcount?

Refreshments will be served.

But Saratoga is not the only town that has a problem with their count.

The Town of Elk Mountain planned to contest the 2020 Census results. While Elk Mountain had a population of 191 following the 2010 Census, the most recent results placed their population at 150. (Saratoga Sun).


Apparently, the town of Shoshoni, Wyoming is planning to do the same.

It's not just a matter of how many people are "officially listed." Small towns don't have much of a tax base to keep the town running. They rely on money from the state and federal government for help. The smaller their population the less help they get.

Census recounts are allowed under federal law. It's just a matter of starting the process and seeing it through.

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