The annual fall time change is coming up this weekend.

That means we get an extra hour of sleep back that we lost in the spring time change. As the old saying goes, ''spring ahead, fall back."

These days, however, there is more and more discussion across the country about whether changing the clocks twice a year is such a good thing.

The Wyoming Legislature in 2020 passed a bill that could eventually keep the state on Daylight Saving Time all year if surrounding states did the same (by the way, the correct terminology is Daylight Saving Time, not ''Savings" time).

The original version of that bill would have had Wyoming request permission from the federal government to stay on Daylight Saving Time year-round if the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Utah passed similar bills.

But the Senate amended the bill to require that Wyoming and three other "western states" passed such legislation. The bill defined those states as North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

As of right now, Utah, Colorado, and Montana have passed such legislation. But that doesn't mean Wyoming can now do away with the time change.

For one thing, the Colorado law only takes effect if four other mountain states do, so it can't officially be counted towards the Wyoming law. But more importantly, no changes can happen anytime unless congress gives permission. While the Senate passed the ''Sunshine Protection Act, " in March, the U.S. House has not enacted the legislation.

But there are folks who think a better idea would be to keep everyone on standard time all year. Some medical doctors, for example, say standard time is closer to the human circadian rhythms. In other words, it's more natural.

And while a lot of people these days, dislike the time changes under the current system, that view is certainly not unanimous. There are those who think things are just fine now with the twice-a-year time changes.

So what do you think? Take our poll and give us your opinion.

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