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The annual fall time change happened this past weekend.

The idea of whether changing the clocks twice a year makes sense in the 21st century is increasingly being questioned. In the last four years,19 states have passed laws or resolutions calling for year-round Daylight Saving Time if congress will move to allow it.

The Wyoming Legislature in 2020 passed legislation calling for Wyoming to observe Daylight Saving time if at least three other neighboring states do so.  The legislature earlier this year defeated a bill to keep Wyoming on Mountain Standard time all year. That legislation would have allowed Wyoming to act on its own, regardless of whether any surrounding states took the same action.

Meanwhile, despite efforts in both a number of U.S. states and in Congress to do away with the twice-a-year changes, it remains the law of the land in most of the country.

Only Hawaii and Arizona don't follow the practice.

So what do you think? Should Wyoming stay on Daylight Saving Time all year?

Perhaps you would prefer Standard Time? Or maybe you think changing the clocks twice a year is a good thing?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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