U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman called out Rocky Mountain Power for their proposed 30% rate hike.

She called it a “sham.”

Public meetings are being held around the state with Wyomingites letting RMP know exactly how unhappy they are with the very idea of such a steep rate increase.

RMP has suggested that they might even ask for yet another rate increase next year.

Most folks think the increase is primarily due to the power company focusing on wind and solar power, rather than generating electricity by cheaper and more reliable coal and natural gas.

The power company has denied that wind and solar have anything to do with these proposed rate increases.

But a new paper from the Net Zero Watch shows that wind and solar power do in fact  increase electricity bills and have done so in every country and state that has tried switching over to them,

Storm Eases Over Windfarms
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Net Zero Watch director Andrew Montford outlined the effects of wind and solar on the average person's pocketbook as well as state and national budgets.

“In order to reduce bills, a new generator generally has to force an old one to leave the electricity market — otherwise there are two sets of costs to cover.

But with wind power, you can’t let anything leave the market, because one day there might be no wind.”

But as well as adding excess capacity to the grid, renewables also have a series of other effects, each of which will push bills up further. Mr Montford says:

“Renewables need subsidies, they cause inefficiency, they require new grid balancing services that need to be paid for; the list of all the different effects is surprisingly long.

There is only one way a windfarm will push your power bills, and that’s upwards.”

The paper is entitled The Six Ways Renewables Increase Electricity Bills. It is available in plain text below or can be downloaded as a PDF by following this link.

RMP has also had to have a charge to your monthly utility bill for Wyoming's involvement in Carbon Capture and storage.

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