It's Wyoming.

It's spring.

Wind is no surprise.

This time, what is a little bit of a surprise is that most of the wind will not be along Interstate 80 and much of it will even miss Interstate 25 in southeastern Wyoming.

The computer image you see below is from the Windy App.

It shows the heaviest of the winds, not including gusts, for Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska, Tuesday morning through evening.

This is a mostly northernly wind, slightly from the west.

attachment-Windy App 041624

What you see will not be as bad as the wind that same area was put through just a couple of weeks ago, but it will cause problems.

WYDOT has already issued warnings and travel restrictions for high-profile and high-profile-light vehicles.

These are winds in the range of 30 to 40 miles per hour, with some extreme gusts.

Expect that wind to start easing up, overnight, and be gone by Wednesday morning.

With the wind leaving, light snow and rain enter the region.

Below is the forecast from regional weatherman Don Day.

This is a typical spring pattern for this time of year in this part of the country.

Overall it's a good thing. That region needs this wet weather, badly.

Temperatures will continue to drop over the next few days with hit-and-miss rain, some snow, and even thunderstorms.

Chilly temperatures over the weekend.

Slightly warmer temperatures are expected to return by Sunday, but not as warm as last weekend was.

As always, use the weather app on your phone as a guide.

But weather apps are never a reality.

They are just a tool to help us plan.

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