“So many of us have changed our party to vote for you,” one woman called from crowd in Jackson, Wyoming.

'A president trying to use force to overturn an election to stay in power — that’s a line we must never cross,' Cheney said. 'I really believe that there are men and women in both parties who believe strongly that that’s the most important thing. I hear it, I see it. I talk a lot to my colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans, who understand that we are at the edge of an abyss.'

This meeting of Cheney supporters was held in Jackson, Wyoming and covered in the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

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It was a mix of Republicans, Democrats,s and some independent voters. The last two mentioned had already crossed parties and voted for Liz Cheney in Wyoming's primary. The actual day for voting in the primary is August 16th.

'It was surreal to see the range of people there in support of Liz Cheney because there were many Democrats there who have not necessarily been Cheney supporters,' Commissioner Propst told the News&Guide after the event. 'There’s a political divide in the country that brings people together behind Liz Cheney that don’t support her on major policy issues but do support the peaceful transfer of power after an election was certified as free and fair.'

Park County Elections Office staff are reporting that (56.4%) of the new Republicans registered in the county, or 594 voters, could be considered “crossover."

But is this enough for Cheney to win the election?

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Polls are never really that accurate. Yet if we look at them, just for the sake of argument; According to a July 25-Aug. 6 surveys that yielded 562 responses, Hageman is now leading Cheney by 28 points. This is up from the 22% lead Hageman held over Cheney in a Casper Star Tribune poll conducted in mid-July. (Cowboy State Daily).

We will have to wait and see what all of this crossover voting will mean when the numbers finally come in. Tuesday, August 16th is the deadline.

In the meantime legislation to end crossover voting, which many see as unethical, is being rewritten for reconsideration in the next legislative session.

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