Arizona is the fist state where their wild game commission voted unanimously to ban trail cameras.

A few western states, including Arizona, have decided that these cameras area  bad idea. The claim is that trail cameras give hunters an unfair advantage over game. They don't see it as a fair contest, or chase. 

These cameras are used all of the country by hunters and other nature lovers, even biologist, to see what is moving around in the woods when humans are not around.

When these devices were first invented they used disposable film cameras. Motion detectors would trigger the camera. The film would be taken by the owner to be developed.

Then came the digital era. Simply remove the memory card and put it into a computer to see what was recorded. That would included both still photos and video.

We are now in the era of live action video. A hunter can sit in his warm truck with multiple cameras feeding video to his phone or tablet. When he sees an animal passing by one of his cameras he can get out and head that way.

Back in 2018 this same commission banned “live-action” game cameras only. But now they don't even want the ones that take still pictures.

But trail cam' lovers are not going down without a fight. A petition has been gathering signatures to change the law. The petitioners cites a list of good reasons to use these cameras. You can read those reasons at this link.

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Have you ever seen something so incredibly beautiful while on your way to work you were suddenly inclined to turn around and take a picture of it?

I used to carry a camera with me, but today all I really need is a cell phone. I'll leave the complicated equipment to my photography friends.

I'm one of those weirdoes who arrives at work just before 3am. On this morning, December 28th 2020, I drove slowly down icy streets in morning fog and 7f temperatures.

Fog at these temperatures causes what is called hoarfrost. I hate that name. That's why I wrote an piece a while ago renaming it Lady Of The Evening Frost.

On this morning the moon hung above this tiny Wyoming park and the lighting was so perfect I had to turn around and take some pictures to share with you.

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