YES, it is now legal to scrape and eat roadkill in Wyoming. 

The State of Wyoming has even provided a handy ROAD KILL HELPER through their 511 APP. They will actually help you decide if you should take it or leave it, literally.

But what is good roadkill? I mean that in two different ways.

When has it been there too long?

What animals are not good to eat even if it's a fresh kill?

FEAR NOT! We have a handy guide for you. 

Daniel Cole

This is about to get really gross. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

First, do you even know what it is? If you don't then you might not want to scrape it and grill it. Anything you can't identify is suspect. 

Impact Damage
The greater the damage the greater the danger to you. There are all sorts of bodily fluids and fecal matter you don't want to mess with.

Clear Eyes
If the eyes are intact and clear, the animal is likely a fresh kill. Cloudy eyes hint that the animal has been dead for some time. Avoid that. Creamy discharges around the eyes or other orifices tell you that the animal was sick. If the eyes are gone, leave it alone. Take a moment to note the SHOCKED LOOK in its face as the animal, in its own way, thought "OH SH**" before it was squashed.

David De Lossy

Stiffness and Skin
Rigor mortis sets within a few hours of death. Pinch the skin of the animal, to check if the skin still moves freely along the top of the muscle. If all moves well you are okay. If it's like stiff zombie flesh, leave it alone.

Bugs and Blood
Flies find a kill fast. A few are okay. If a lot of flies and other bugs got there first, the kill is theirs. Leave it to them.


Climate and Weather
Cold to freezing temperatures is good. That means it was in an outdoor freezer. If it seems like the animal was sitting in the hot sun all day, leave it.


Trust me your nose will tell you. Listen to your nose.

If you don't mind picking up a fresh kill it is still a good idea to wear surgical gloves.

I'm glad we had this little talk.

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