You are just a few weeks away from being able to scrape it and eat it.


The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously to adopt new regulations that allow you to scrape and cook.

The new roadkill law goes into effect in 2022.

Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming signed a new law allowing its citizens to eat what they can scrape off the road.

No, I'm not kidding.

Amazon Buck Peterson
Amazon Buck Peterson

Alabama is probably thinking- 'Hey, Wyoming, what took you so long?'

If you nailed it you can cook it in Wyoming! Or if you just found a fresh kill on the road. Go for it, that's prime eating meat.

But wait! I know this is free food and all, but do you actually know how to cook roadkill? No problem. I'm here to help with 8 handy roadkill books I found on Amazon. Those books are listed below.

Wyoming Now Has A Roadkill Dinner App.

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Recently Wyoming passed a law making it legal to scrape roadkill and take it home for consumption. I'm sure it was happening anyway.

So that should be it, right? Just tell everyone that it's not legal and we're all good. -- RIGHT?


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This is the government we are talking about. It's never that simple.

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Apparently, should you find some delicious-looking critter squished on the highway, you'll be able to use an app to take a picture of it and sent it to the state. They will let you know by looking at the photo if it is safe for consumption or not.

KritterKlub via YouTube
KritterKlub via YouTube

So the rules on scraping it and eating it will be out soon and you'll have that app to advise you on what is okay and what should probably be left on the road.

Personally, I think few people will use the app and most people can figure that out by themselves.

But I will use the app a few times just to get a good laugh, even though I won't be eating any roadkill.

I'm not someone who would ever consume roadkill. But I'll download that app just so I can say I have a Wyoming roadkill app on my phone.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Road Kill Café song I've left for you, below.

8 Roadkill Cookbooks

Now that it is legal to scrape and cook roadkill in Wyoming, you'll need to know how to cook that.

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