If you have a fear of spiders, this may make it worse. A giant arachnid was photographed near the Glacier National Park... well, kinda.

This horrific photo was shared to the official NBC Montana Facebook page along with a caption that read:

Meteorologist Jed Christoph is still relatively new to the area, and loved Glacier National Park while it lasted... but unfortunately it looks like he'll never return. It appears a giant spider has taken over the park with Halloween right around the corner.

Just kidding, of course! A spider decided to photobomb the snow-covered mountains this morning at Lake McDonald. A creepy, but beautiful scene!

Did you get any good photos or videos? Send us those! NBCMontana.com/ChimeIn

It's definitely one of those once in lifetime, "you-couldn't-even-have-planned-this" type of photos, but very fitting considering it's now the Halloween season. Now we just have to send out a big thank you to the NBC Montana crew for making all of our arachnophobia dream/nightmares come true.

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