Wyoming can be obsessed with a lot of things but, why is it not surprising that we are also obsessed with... UFOs. 

I mean, with the talk of UFOs across the nation has been taking over the media recently, it's fair that we join in the conversation too, and hey, aliens are cool, right? 

Did you not grow up watching the movie E.T. and have an E.T. plush too? Honestly, I don't even remember who gifted me the plush and why it was even gifted. Did I geek out on Aliens too much? Geez.

But anyway, with the growing conversation on all things aliens, the guys at USBettingReport.com dove into Google search data to reveal which US states are actually most obsessed with extra-terrestrial life.

The result?

  • Over the last 12 months, Google searches for UFOs have increased by 35% in Wyoming- well, isn't this interesting?
  • In total, there have been around 35,400 searches. -  Okay, but what did you folks search on? I'm genuinely curious. 
  • Taking population figures into account, that means there were 61.2 searches per 1,000 of the population - placing the state #2!

Whoa, we're NUMBER 2? That places us between Vermont, placed first, and Alaska placed third.

Did Wyoming folks search on UFOs to learn about aliens, or are we looking up information on the "Chinese Balloon" that was over Montana?

According to this article, the Chinese claimed that it was a private Chinese balloon that was doing weather observations and got away and the Pentagon says they are not worried about it and are observing and learning.

Well, whether it was to learn about Martians or the Chinese balloon, it's good to know that Wyomingites are curious, right?

Check out the data and full ranking HERE.

Wyoming's Wild Chinese Balloon Theories - Wrong Answers Only

With balloons from China floating overhead, and our military shooting them down right above us, everybody has been wondering, 'Just what are those balloons for?

Spy balloons?
Just weather balloons?
Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
Are they listing to our cell phone calls?

On the Wake Up Wyoming morning show with Glenn Woods folks were invited to offer up their theories.


Here are the best we got.

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