This calling in sick after the Super Bowl day now has a name. Super Sick Monday.

Here's the problem, the Super Bowl is on a Sunday. You still have to work Monday.

If the Super Bowl was on a Friday, or even a Saturday night, you would have time to recover before you went to work.

Many Americans call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. The reasons are obvious. They ate too much junk, drank too much, and stayed up too late. Also, if their team lost, yeah, that might make anyone sick and angry.

Let's face it, nobody wants a sleep deprived, hungover sports fan with indigestion, who's team just lost, to show up for work on Monday.

Before you call in sick, let's see what can be done about that hangover.

1. Hydrate

Consuming alcohol causes dehydration. The moment you get up start drinking water. Orange juice is a good idea too.

2. Sugar boost

Believe it or not, alcohol causes low blood sugar. That orange juice can seriously be a life saver!

3. Coffee.

Alcohol will cause the blood vessels to dilate, that's one of the reasons you have a headache. Your morning cup of joe will give you the kick you need.
4. Multi-vitamin

If you don't own these you might want to pick up some before the big game.

5. Potassium

Have a banana. Simple as that.

6. Stop drinking!

Why are you still drinking? No - hair of the dog is a bad idea. STOP!

7. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen

Asprin might take the edge off, but for Super Sick Monday Ibuprofen is what you need to be reaching for in the medicine cabinet.

So, let's wrap this cure up in a routine:

Get up, that's the hard part. Guzzle some water to down that ibuprofen, don't forget your vitamins! Go start the coffee maker. Take a hot shower while the coffee is brewing. Sip that coffee while you are dressing. Drive to work eating a banana and chasing it with OJ.

There, you might just survive this.

SORRY- I can't help you with those emotional issues if your team lost.

The good news? If your boss is a football fan, he might just want to call in sick too.

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