There have often been complaints about Cowboy State drivers, whether they're from here, transplants or folks that just don't know how to drive during our winter conditions. Well here's some good news: Wyoming is NOT the worst state to drive in. Matter of fact, we're not even among the worst. That being said, we're nowhere near the best either. We're pretty much dead center.

A new study conducted by credit website, WalletHub, shows that Wyoming is ranked 24th overall on their list of best and worst states to drive in.

Source: WalletHub

Wyoming was ranked very well for lowest percentage of rush hour traffic. As a matter of fact, we were in a 5-way tie with Alaska, Montana South Dakota and Vermont for the number one spot. Unfortunately we ranked 46th (out of 50), on states with the fewest auto-repair shops per capita. What also hurt us from ranking higher was our all around safety ranking (we ranked at an abysmal 42).

Overall, we still ranked a lot higher than our neighbors in Colorado who came in at a rank of 41. That should make us all feel a little bit better about our driving.

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