Three Wyoming county Republican parties, Park, Carbon, Fremont, Platte, Uinta, Weston, Crook, Lincoln Counties, have unofficially declared Liz Cheney NOT a Republican and NOT their representative. These declarations are purely symbolic.

But the Teton County Wyoming Republican Party is bucking the trend. They voted down the resolution 17-5.

“We should not be tossing her to the wayside,” Commissioner Mark Barron said. “Teton County Republicans should support our Republicans. It’s hard enough to get a Republican elected in this county.” (Jackson Hole News & Guide).

Heidi Schmillen, Teton County GOP secretary, voted for the resolution. She acknowledged that there could be electoral consequences for the local party.

“But I would rather somebody not like what I stand for than like me because I pretended to stand for something,” she told the News&Guide.

Cheney was in Jackson to pay tribute to Rylee McCollum’s as his remains arrived at the Jackson Hole Airport. She spoke to Wyoming reporters that morning. She did not meet with the general public.

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Despite her vote to impeach President Donald Trump, all anyone has to do is look at her voting record, bills that she has both sponsored and written, so see that she has constantly been the most conservative member of The House Of Representatives.

Despite the vote by these 5 counties she is still a member of the GOP and still holds the seat as representative. The county GOP members know this.

Carbon County Republican Party Chairman Joey Correnti IV pointed these very things out in an interview with me on the Wake Up Wyoming morning radio show that Carbon County Republicans no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican, although they know she is still legally the Wyoming representative.

When reading the list of complaints from these county parties we find that they are not happy with a repetitive that does not show up to talk to them and does not seem to have any respect for them.

“Liz Cheney hasn’t quit and she hasn’t listened to the people’s voices,” Correnti said.

Below is my interview with Mr. Correnti.

Lincoln County Chairwoman Marti Halverson told Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday.

“Most of the discussion centered on [the resolution saying] ‘Whereas, Representative Liz Cheney has attempted to legitimize her actions and personal political agenda by referring to the majority of Wyoming Republican Voters with terms such as “a misinformed mob, radical extremists, bigots, racists, promoters of the ‘big lie’, enemies of the state, conspiracy theorists, dangerous rot, & white supremacists,'” Halverson said.


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