The Jamaican national bobsleigh team is one of the most incredible stories in sports history.

Their improbable journey to the 1988 Winter Olympics inspired the popular Disney film Cool Runnings

Back in 1999, the Jamaican national bobsleigh team arrived in Evanston, Wyoming to begin training for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Why not Evanston? It made perfect sense.

That year Salt Lake City Utah was hosting the Olympics. They are just on the other side of the mountains from Evanston.

Wyoming PBS did a story on the team practicing in Evanston. That story is in the video below.

After the Olympics one of the team members decided that he liked Wyoming so much, he was just going to stay.

Winston Watts was already a two-time Olympian when he came to the Cowboy State. After competing in the four-man event during the 1994 and 1998 Games, he was the driver for Jamaica's two-man bobsled at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

When his team failed to qualify in 2006 and 2010, Watts retired from the sport and returned to Wyoming.

In 2014, at the age of 46, he came out of retirement and made the Olympics for the fourth time.

These days, Watts is back home in Evanston, where he leads a quiet life with his wife and five children.

attachment-Jamacian Bobsledding Wyoming PBS YouTube Screen Grab

This year the Jamaican Bobsledding Team is BACK, with a new crew.

Sheffield Hallam University student Ashley Watson is part of the four-man bobsleigh team competing in Beijing.

After 24 years a four-man crew will represent the nation, echoing the exploits of the 1988 team who inspired the film Cool Runnings.

Mr. Watson said the team's aim was to set records. But the record is only to do better than any other bobsled team from their country. That's good enough for them.

Let's face it, the world is rooting for them.

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