It's exciting to have someone from Wyoming representing in the Olympics. Now we have a hometown girl to root for. 

The question for everyone is, when does she ski? Do I have to record it or do can I catch it online? Live or afterward?

Through the magic of the internet, you have not missed a thing. I have two videos for you to watch.

This is not just downhill skiing. She has to do a backflip halfway down.

First, watch her qualifying run where she placed 3rd in Beijing.


She came in 3rd in the qualifying rounds.

If you need a little back story on our Wyoming girl, here are two videos that will help you out. The first one gives us her own story in her own words. Where in Wyoming she is from and where her passion for skiing comes from.

She was then featured on NBC where they interviewed our star girl as well as her mom

Mom says Jaelin was skiing before she was born. What she means by that is that mom was skiing when she was pregnant with Jaelin.

Mom and daughter have been together every step of the way. This Olympic run is truly a family team effort.

So, how will our girl from Wyoming do this weekend?

Fingers crossed, here we go!

If you miss it on TV then just keep this app nearby and we will let you know as soon as her run is done.

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