I don't know about you but I get tired just watching these elite Olympic athletes.

How about some Olympic sports that the common man and woman could compete in?

The Sock Slide across the hardwood floor.
Forget fencing. How about TOWEL FLICKING?
Fancy high diving? No! The Belly Flop Competition!
Trying to grab a beer in mid-air off the diving board?
Grocery Bag Lifting!
Running To Beat The Trash Man While Pulling The Bins!

Welcome to The Average Games! 

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While this video is a great view at what an "average" Olympics could look like, we always make things our own in Wyoming... So, I have a few more to add from a Wyoming point of view. Introducing: The Wyoming Olympics! 

Here are some of the competitions you can expect to see:

How much beer and junk food can be carried from the fridge to the living room in one trip competition?

Overweight Woman Relaxing On Sofa
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Carrying that buck you just shot, or hit on the road, to the bed of your truck - race.


Shoveling driveway snow to get the truck out and go to work race.


Getting ripped blue jeans on without catching toes in the holes.

set of textures ripped jeans

First to find the remote in the couch cushion.

Overweight Young Man Falls Asleep While Lying on a Sofa Watching TV
Digital Vision.

These are just a few to get us started. Got more? Send them to us and we'll add them to the list.

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