We do things differently here in Wyoming and we take pride in that. But, lately, we have been making the same mistakes as other states. If we want to keep Wyoming great, and grow it greater, we need to change that way of thinking.

One of the advantages to living in the state of Wyoming is not having to deal with over bearing city, county and state governments. Wyoming is good in this regard, but far from the best.

One of the problems Wyoming government officials have is in thinking they need to be more like other states. Wyoming should do what works and only that. Which often means NOT following but making our own way.

Below is a short list of how Wyoming is copying the mistakes made by others and what we can do about it.

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!). The more charter, private and home schooling Wyoming engages in the better educated our children will be at a far cheaper prices. The answer to improving the quality of education in Wyoming is for government to loosen its grip. Also let's quit dumping money into the University Of Wyoming. UW should be able to operate as an independent business. Other colleges have proven it can be done.

2). The fewer licensing laws the better. An electrician, for example, must have city, county and state licenses. The more counties and cities he works in across the state the more licenses he has to pay for. That is just one example of many industries. How about one license for the entire state? Let's make it easy to do business in Wyoming.

3). Government should not be involved in the economy or economic development. The only role government should have it to make sure a company is operating safely and honestly. This includes keeping out of the energy sector. No carbon capture laws, which are based on junk science. Also, stay out of healthcare. This includes Medicaid expansion, which has cost other states dearly. Wyoming governments meddling in local hospitals has never made for better results.

4). Wyoming governments have cut a lot. But there is much more government should not be involved in. The problem is that everywhere people see a problem they think that government is the solution. The reality is, government is the problem and rarely the solution.

5). Sell all state owned jets and most of the vehicles the state owns and is not using. If anyone in government needs to have a cross state meeting, try ZOOM or TEAMS. Those programs save a lot of time and money.

6). No toll roads. No state income tax of any kind. These things have ruined other states.

What I've listed above are just a few examples of the change in thinking that is needed if we intend to keep this great state great.


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