For those who wanted to see Liz Cheney defeated, you got your wish, big time.

When we look at the numbers it was a total blowout.

Liz lost so badly because she was attacking the people she was trying to convince.

If she thinks that Trump is bad for the Republican party and bad for America, well, fine.

But she made a massive mistake by drawing her sword and going after him head on.

The way she verbally attacked Trump felt like a personal attack on everyone in Wyoming who voted for him.

At that point, she was not convincing anyone of her point of view, but she was running voters off.

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Perry, Georgia
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If she had, instead, made the case that perhaps Trump was just too much of a lightning rod for drama and controversy, and made her case for who she thought would have a better chance at winning the White House in 2024, she would still have her job.

Using that tactic she might have convinced a lot of people to look away from Trump and toward someone who could achieve the same things as Trump but not be so controversial.

If you want to win a fight as big as this one you don't do it by attacking the very people you want to join you. That is where she blew it.

Then she sent out mailers asking Democrats to "crossover vote" to help her win.

BIG MISTAKE. Wyoming Republicans HATE crossover voting. That just makes Liz even more of an enemy.

attachment-Cheney Flyer

So bad was Cheney's strategy she lost her reelection bid in a massive blowout.

Even with the worry of crossover voting as Liz Cheney encouraged democrats to jump the political fence and vote for her, she suffered an embarrassing loss.

But let's not forget that crossover voting means more than just Democrats voting as Republicans in the primary.

There are also independents, Libertarians, and Constitution party members who will switch parties just for primary day. Many of them will vote in the same way that Republicans would vote.

attachment-Cheney Hageman Results

The theory in the Cheney campaign was that, with enough Democrat crossovers and a couple of candidates who never stood a chance hanging on, Liz might have a chance of capturing the nomination.

But Harriet won by 66.3%.

This means that not only did Democrat crossover voters not make a difference but candidates like Bouchard and Knapp did not even make a dent toward splitting the vote.

Well - there can be no doubt what the Wyoming voter wants in this case.

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