Have you ever wished that you had a remote controller for your spouse, pet, or kids?

What about your boss? I bet you'd like to have a little more control at work.




The range now includes:

The Control-A-Man
The Control-A-Woman
The Control-A-Kid
The Control-A-Dog
The Control-A-Cat
The Control-A-Boss

Whatever you do DO NOT let the batteries run out on these things.

You probably don't want anyone to see what is written on the remote.

You'll get in big trouble.

Keep this a secret.

Probably the funniest button on the man report is the one to make him put the toilet lid down.

There is a lot of doubt that the "Calm Down" button works on the woman remote.

The options for the pets are just as funny.

Though I can't imagine the one that is supposed to control cats actually works.

What do you want to bet that cats have a remote to control their humans?

Most dogs don't need a remote to control them. They are happy to comply.

attachment-man-and-woman-remote-2 (1)

As funny as these things are there has to be someone offended by them.

There have been complaints.

But complaining about these remotes just makes the people who love them laugh even harder and want to use them even more.

They have also been an international success, appearing on Japanese television shows and making it to news channels in the UK.

Now if someone could figure out a way to make these things work...

No. Nevermind.

Soon everyone would own one and a technology war would get started with remotes designed to cancel out other remotes.

There would be no end to it.


Well, so what.

Get one anyway.

You'll quickly find out which friend or family member has a sense of humor.

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